Ka’Way Monti means “Tree of Life” in the local Quechua dialect of Huaraz, Peru. This organization was founded with the recognition of a need to bring humanity back into balance with nature, and encourage the tremendous capacity for humanity to do good work.  In aspiring to live up to its name, Ka’Way Monti (KM) consists of three main branches: KM Local Vitalization, KM School for Sustainability, and KM ECOmmunity.

KM Local Vitalization (KMLV) is the branch that focuses on supporting and cultivating the capacities of the local indigenous communities with which KM partners.  The aims include assisting the two village schools with volunteer teachers, providing resources for the schools and village lead projects, finding employment opportunities for villagers that are self-inspiring, and encouraging a diverse and sustainable local economy within, but also beyond, tourism.

The KM School for Sustainability (KMSS) provides education focused around sustainable living and community leadership.  The aim of any of the programs is to encourage and support individuals to take initiative in an intelligent and sensitive way wherever they may be in the world.  Many of the courses are in association with universities and provide college credit, lead either by faculty or students themselves.  It is KMSS’ great delight to forge new partnerships through creating and customizing new programs to fit your educational needs and experiential desires.

The KM ECOmmunity (KME) is a bit broader than it sounds.  The community encompasses not just those who have lived and worked on the Yurac Yacu land.  It is even beyond our friends, neighbors and partners in the nearby villages of Llupa and Unchus.  It is also all the apprentices, interns, and students who have come and studied with us.  It is all the guest teachers from around the world who have come to teach here.  It's all the partner organizations and universities who have collaborated together with us.  It's the many hundreds of volunteers who have lived here from days to weeks to months as family, building our home together.  It is also, of course, all the guests who have stayed at our beloved Hof Hostel and taken an interest in the work we do. KME is an intentionally growing network of like-minded people all working to help each other out to see real change in our world.


These three branches conduct their work in alignment with our Mission, Vision and Core Principles.

KM School for Sustainability
KM ECOmunity
KM Local Vitalization

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