10-Day Permaculture Design Course (PDC)


The first class of KMSS was a 10 day Permaculture Design Course (PDC) held from 27 November – 6 December 2012 at The Hof Hostel. This was taught by Helder Valente, from Portugal, who studied with many of the “grandfathers” of permaculture. Despite having only three weeks to advertise, the class was a success certifying 16 students from all over the world including 7 Quechua students from Llupa.

The curriculum in the 10 day PDC courses held here is the basic material taught in PDCs around the world. Topics include design principles, how to read contours in the land, various methods for water retention, soil cultivation, agroforestry, built structures, and working in different climates and ecosystems and on scales from the home garden to broad landscapes. One of the main disciplines is the study of patterns in nature, understanding their significance, and finding ways to replicate them where appropriate. This is a four dimensional study, as it includes patterns in time and social interaction applicable mainly on the level of designing social structure.

In addition to this standard curriculum, we’ve also added components where some of the local students have shared their knowledge. Examples of this have included how to make adobe bricks for building with local resources, learning about edible and medicinal plants in the area, and traditional Andean meals and cooking methods.


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