Study Abroad

We welcome anyone, individuals or organizations, to work with us in building an experience customized to your learning desires and the village’s needs.

At present, these are the opportunities we can readily support:

  • Volunteer teach in Quechua schools

  • Work with Quechua farmers in helping them return to a chemical free way of farming.

  • Help Quechua villagers grow their local economy and job market

  • Contribute funding to underfunded public institutions of education, health, agriculture and water

  • Forest the lungs of our planet.  Creating jobs to plant trees for carbon absorption in indigenous communities.

We work with your budget to maximize your ability to participate, and encourage individuals to come on grant money for the work you’ll be doing.


College students, we encourage you to speak with your school about receiving credit for your work here.  Historically, 6 credits seems to be the general amount given from Zurich to Portland.

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