Julia Bowerman
Director of Operations

Julia Bowerman holds a degree in International Development Studies with Spanish from the University of Sussex, UK. After spending years studying global inequality, and the negative impacts that people or NGOs can have by trying to improve the world through their view of what is ‘right’, she decided to focus her efforts and intentions on projects promoting sustainable living. This different approach began with learning through volunteering at various eco-communities around Europe. Shortly after finishing university, she left Europe to continue this practice traveling around South America for four and a half years. She has been part of the Ka'Way Monti team since 2012 to help out with her organisational ablities, language skills, and creativity.

Through years of study and experience gained while traveling, Julia is a permaculturist, herbalist, seed guardian, and natural builder. She is fluent in Spanish, making her our resident translator. And she has studied with the likes of Gernot Minke, Whitey Flagg at Earth Ayni, Deb Lukas at Siskiyou Mountain Herbs, Blanca Rosa Alvarez at Permacultura Urbana El Bolson, Pastor Alvarez at Bioconstruyendo, to name a few, and she gained her first (of various) Permaculture Design Certification with Helder Valente in 2012. 


Ka’Way Monti embodies many things that Julia is passionate about: Sustainable living through permaculture and natural construction; leadership and community strengthening for youth to pave the way towards a positive future; working with indigenous people for community empowerment and keeping ancestral knowledge alive; as well as holistic well-being and spiritual growth.

Chris Dyson
Executive Director

Chris holds a degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Film and Directing. After four formative years working in film in NY Chris took off on a lifelong dream of walking across the US. That began 11 years of travel that took him to every state in the US, Mexico, Europe and South America, and included stints working in coffee shops and running a warehouse in Seattle, WA.

Chris came to South America following a vision, and upon arrival in the mountains above Huaraz, Peru, he knew he was home. Since college Chris has proclaimed intentions to build a community from scratch, which made him “seem ridiculous,” but is a reality he is now fully immersed in with Ka’Way Monti. Chris has independently educated himself on community development, with many valuable lessons learned from his travels through, and living in, diverse communities.

Chris’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of the Ka’Way Monti School for Sustainability, and the Hof Hostel, both non-profit enterprises within the Ka’Way Monti organization. With a deep appreciation for history, Chris is sensitive to the risks of history repeating itself as Ka’Way Monti works with the best of intentions to support and create sustainable communities in the ancestral lands of the Quechua peoples.

Dror Noy
Primary Living-Change Facilitator

Dror Noy holds a diploma from Knowmads Business School in Amsterdam, and is a professor of Social Business Management at the Kibbutzim College of Education in Tel-Aviv. With a passion for community-living and adventure, Dror has spent the last 9 years working in the field of group dynamics and informal education working toward changing the current education paradigm.

Dror left his 9-5 marketing office job to set off into nature, learning and experiencing the world of Permaculture & eco-community living.  After a 6 month quest, he joined the social change protest movement in Israel helping to establish a Jew-Arab camp in Jaffa to bring together the social needs of both communities. This experience helped him to realize that it was time to follow his calling and left Israel.  For 3 years, he traveled working in different social and environmental projects across Asia, South America & Europe; exploring Permaculture, spirituality, & positive social change.

Dror is a social entrepreneur who guides processes of change & development in organizations & communities focusing on the topic of transformational learning & leadership in nature, with nature. He is a co-founder of “presente!”  Organization For Changemakers in Education on the belief that in order to co-create new social realities, we must address the individual need for self-expression. Our hopes and dreams are essential for our future.

Ian Thompson

Onsite Manager

Ian graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Environmental Technology and Management. Shortly after, he took off for South America in pursuit of learning about sustainable development in international communities through first hand experience.

During his travels, he felt drawn to places of unique natural beauty, which is where he found Ka'Way Monti. There he collaborated as a volunteer on projects to develop onsite sustainable living and community cooperation. 

Ian's passion lies in working with communities to become self sufficient in sustainable practices without the need for long term outside intervention.  Ka'Way Monti opened a window into the workings of an organization with a vision on responsible development in Andean communities. This has inspired Ian to pursue working with communities in creating their own sustainable vision.

Currently, he is managing The Hof Hostel and is the onsite manager for all Ka'Way Monti programs for 2016/17.

David E. Hall, Ph.D., L.M.T.
Senior Advisor

David earned a Ph.D. in Systems Science: Psychology and a M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Portland State University (PSU). He earned his B.S. in Psychology from the University of Oregon, has been a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Oregon since 2001, and earned Permaculture Design Certification in 2012. David’s research, volunteer work and consulting practice have focused on sustainability as it relates to organizational operations, the interdependence between human and ecological health, and general organizational development. His dissertation led to the creation of the community-based multi-media project, Native Perspectives on Sustainability: Voices from Salmon Nation (see www.nativeperspectives.net). David has authored various articles and book chapters. He is an Adjunct Faculty member at PSU in the Systems Science Program and Psychology Department.

Alexander Michael Saxty Good

Alex was educated at Marlborough College in Wiltshire, England, where he was taught to think for himself and to do so critically. After dropping out of university for lack of stimulation and philosophical alignment, Alex traveled the world for four years, interacting with many different cultural backgrounds before settling in Peru in 2001. There he bought seven hectares of Andean mountainside and set about designing and building The Way Inn Lodge (thewayinn.com), an adventure mountain lodge, and developing privately funded projects within the community. In 2007 he went to the Amazon jungle and invested in another fledgling lodge, Temple of the Way of Light (templeofthewayoflight.org), helping with the economic and ecologic sustainability of its operations and supporting its retreat programs that work with plant medicines and consciousness growth. In 2011, Alex returned to The Way Inn Lodge and set about redefining it as a spiritual and health retreat centre. He simultaneously founded Ka’Way Monti to expand efforts to support the local Quechua communities and provide opportunities for people to pursue more conscious, holistic, sustainable ways of life.

Ana Romero Quesada

Facilitator of Local Vitalization Projects

Ana has been an invaluable part of the Ka'Way Monti team since the very start. She received her initial hospitality training over two years working for Alex Good at The Way Inn.  She left to focus on her education at the Huaraz Guide School and start herself on the road to becoming one of the area’s few female guides.  In November 2012, she was the very first hire Chris Dyson made at The Hof to begin the Ka’Way Monti School for Sustainability team.  Proving to show great initiative, she arrived the first day with her professional routine from the high end European standard lodge down the road, The Way Inn, and set the bar for how the meals and housekeeping would be done at The Hof for the rest of its days.  When there were no guests in the early days of the hostel she could be found re-plastering walls, on her own insistence, or re-organizing the kitchen, tool shed, or whatever else needed doing.


During slow going days in early 2015, Ana left The Hof, returning to The Way Inn where her sisters had started working, and was welcome back with open arms.  Later that year, she completed her guide training, gained a conversational level of English, along with natively speaking Quechua and Spanish, and rose in position at the lodge.  In late 2016, The Way Inn suffered many challenges and was let go along with many of the staff.  Soon after, programs with Ka’Way Monti at The Hof were picking up and Chris swiftly hired her back, this time as a manager of the Llupa side of these programs.  She continues to work as a guide while helping organize programs with Ka’Way Monti.  Once again, her work with us has proved exemplary as she connects us with local people, agencies, schools and organizations.

Herminia Coronel

Chef and Housekeeper

Herminia is a positive and smiley mother of three, bringing her care and helpful attitude to the team at Ka'Way Monti. She was trained professionally in vegetarian cooking and makes some of the most delicious meals, ask her for her special quinoa cake recipe if you get the chance! Herminia represents a wealth of indigenous knowledge and leads Quechua workshops to educate our students about local Quechua legends. She will also gladly teach phrases and words in the local dialect of Quechua to any who ask.


Herminia is also an active member in the local community and often heading up meetings about local governance, water and land management etc. You may get a chance to meet her young son, Miguelito, who is just as sweet and smiley as Herminia, and loves to help out with our many daily tasks.

Norma Lliuya

Chef and Housekeeper

Norma is from the local village of Llupa, and has been with us since April 2013 as a chef and housekeeper ever since. She is a brilliant cook, and works hard to keep everything ship-shape and orderly. Coming from a traditional Quechua family, she has robust knowledge of local plants and medicinal herbs leading workshops upon request to educate our guests and students on these topics.

When off shift at The Hof, she has an active role in the Parent Teacher Committee. Her young and energetic daughter, Dayana, often comes to visit and play, especially when Norma's family are farming their potato fields nearby.

Queen of the Hof & Namesake of The Fat Cat Cafe

You will learn when you arrive that Chiefy (short for 'Mischievous') is the lady behind the curtain. She is easily the longest resident of The Hof arriving in August 2012 at the  tender age of 3 months from her birthplace in Tarapoto. Known to eat Shumaq's food and to lounge happily on her bed the rest of any given day, she has a reputation as a tyrannical queen, but she is irrefutably adorable.

The Team

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