Core Principles Explained


These Core Principles are our guide of how to maneuver through the challenges we will inevitably face.  Essentially, they outline our internal checks and balances to ensure we, and those who follow us, stay true to our initial intention which ultimately is the striving for respect and harmony on every level based upon recognition that we are all One, not just people but all souls.  As such, all of the principles follow from the first principle, Alignment with Great Spirit, in that each speaks to alignment at different levels of reality.


Alignment with Great Spirit
KM was founded with recognition of a Spiritual Truth.  Alignment with Great Spirit speaks to our aspiration to encounter our True Self and experience Unity with the Oneness of all that is.  In viewing all as One, we honor the Divinity in all things and appreciate our place in the cosmos as but an aspect of a larger Being.  We respect diverse perspectives on spirituality and different forms of meditation, prayer and practice that help gain clarity on one’s Divine nature.  We have gratitude for the many opportunities this life affords to grow as a soul and move beyond attachment to and identification with egoic desires.  Individual commitment to do the highest good for one’s Self and enhance one’s connection with Spirit will in turn help Ka’Way Monti as a whole align with Spirit.  This principle is the most important as it encompasses all others.


Respect for Pachamama, Mother Earth
As children of Earth, we hold a deep love and respect for our Mother who nurtures our life and that of all our relations.  We know in scientific and spiritual terms that we are related to all other life-forms and that we are a part of, not separate from, nature.  As we live our life in given places we are mindful of our impact and strive to align with the ebbs and flows of the natural world.  We are not in control, but we do have ability to influence.  Appreciating that, we accept responsibility to care for the land and all our relations, activity nurturing the conditions that promote life and abundance.  We are grateful for the bounty we receive.


Service to the Common Good
There is no greater calling than to be in service to others.  We strive for our actions to resonate from the heart in selfless service to the common good.  By “common” we mean all our relations.  By “good” we mean that which works.  In sum, we mean we are willing to set aside narrowly defined self-interests and help create that which works for all our relations.  Ironically, in doing so our personal lives are filled with meaning and satisfaction.  In service we pay it forward, trusting that the sincerity and good will of our efforts will create the conditions that ensure that our needs will be met as well.   We recognize that to be of service to others we also need to take care of ourselves; placing importance on personal lifestyles that nurture our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


Cooperation within and between communities
We are better together and are able to do more through collaboration.  As a social species we depend on one another and it is in our nature to cooperate. As members of community, we have to be able to work together in an inclusive manner to ensure everyone’s needs are met.  In doing so we can move forward together as a whole, healthy organism.  Within the Ka’Way Monti community, consensus decision-making is a key means by which we ensure everyone can live with the decisions we make. By cooperating with neighboring communities, be it through trade, sharing ideas and best practices, or lending a hand in times of need, we not only strengthen our own capacities but we support that of our neighbors. If our neighbors’ needs are not being met that puts our wellbeing at risk. Their wellbeing is our wellbeing and through cooperation we enhance the wellbeing of all.


Integrity in Thought, Word and Deed
We are powerful creators.  The full potential of our creative power is realized with purity and consistency among our thoughts, words and deeds. When these three levels of creativity align and are directed in service to the common good, beautiful things manifest. One’s thoughts are not easily controlled but we can be mindful, regulating the weight and attention given to them and actively cultivating positive patterns of thought. Integrous use of one’s word is more easily self-regulated but still requires discipline. Using the phrasing of the Toltec Four Agreements, we will use the word impeccably. This places high value on honesty and calls for us to not speak ill of others or ourselves, to say what we mean and mean what we say, and to use the creative power of the word to nurture Truth and Love. We extend the same line of thought to our actions, striving for impeccability in all that we do.  The imprint of our actions will reflect a high standard of ethics consistent with our ideals.


Honor Work, making it Art and an Offering
Life is not all about work, but as biological creatures living in the world of the relative, work must be done. All work necessary to maintain and move us forward is important and valued.   No matter the task, we call upon ourselves to always do our best.  Our best will vary from day to day and task to task, but we will put forth the effort, intention and attention worthy of that which is at hand.  While everyone is called upon to do the tasks needed, we are committed to creating space for everyone to find their true vocation and how it fits into the needs of the whole.  People empowered to pursue their passion in service to the common good creates the conditions for joy in work.  Indeed, we aspire to go about our work and play with the same joyful disposition, allowing others to distinguish which is which.  With this approach to all we do, we manifest a world full of aesthetically pleasing, functional art.

Acceptance, Compassion and Humility
We recognize our imperfections as human beings and are committed to cultivating proper attitude towards ourselves and others that will support our spiritual development and harmony in community life.  Acceptance is about non-reactivity to what we encounter in the present.  What’s done is done, and acceptance calls for changing our attitude in relation to those events and not holding attachment to the changes we seek to influence.  Acceptance does not imply passivity and defeatism to miserable conditions or suffering; rather it is the discipline of becoming like water, soft and flowing whilst retaining integrity and power.  Compassion, based on an understanding of everyone’s fundamental innocence, calls for us to keep our hearts open with loving kindness to the tremendous suffering in the world, creating safe harbor and space for healing.  We remain humble in all our pursuits, knowing the scope of our knowledge and wisdom is limited.  Humility keeps us receptive to new perspectives and experiences that may expand our awareness.  Together, acceptance, compassion and humility help us be tolerant and non-judgmental wherever someone is on their path, respecting Divinity in all its variation. These attitudes help us embrace life as a continuous opportunity for spiritual development.

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