Mission, Vision & Principles


Ka’Way Monti (KM), is a nonprofit organization that aspires to live up to its name, which means “Tree of Life” in the local Quechua dialect. KM was founded in July 2012 in Huaraz, Peru, with recognition of a Spiritual Truth, the need to bring humanity back into balance with nature, and the tremendous capacity for humanity to do good work.

Mission Statement

The mission of Ka’Way Monti ( KWM) is to embody sane, holistic, healthy, sustainable modes of life, in search of balance and harmony within individuals, between individuals, and between communities and their environment.


The vision of Ka’Way Monti is a network of thriving, spiritually conscious communities that embody ecologically and socially harmonious ways of life.

Core Principles

  • Alignment with Great Spirit

  • Respect for Pachamama, Mother Earth

  • Service to the Common Good

  • Cooperation within and between communities

  • Integrity in Thought, Word and Deed

  • Honor Work, making it Art and an Offering

  • Acceptance, Compassion and Humility


For an explanation of the meaning of these principles 


Basic Structure

As a non-profit organization, Ka’Way Monti (KM) consists of two main branches, KM Local Vitalization, and KM Ecommunity. KM Local Vitalization (KMLV) is the branch that focuses on cultivating the vitality and capacities of the local communities with which KM partners. KM Ecommunity (KME) is the branch that provides a model for sustainable community and opportunity for people to pursue a holistic way of life.  A third branch, the KM School of Sustainability (KMSS) exemplifies the critical intersection between the two main branches. The overall KM model plans for emergence of additional intersections as exemplified by the already established KMSS.

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