KM School for Sustainability

The Ka’Way Monti School for Sustainability is our education branch which we use as an invite to anyone around the globe to come learn, play, and experiment with us while channeling the outcome of our learning into a community asset, both here in the local villages, and in your own village when you return.


The school’s focus is on sustainability of all kinds, ecological, financial, social, and anything else anyone can think of.  We believe life should be built to last on its own steam.  We also focus on community leadership and seek to empower any and all who we come and contact with to engage and create the environment and world you wish to live in.  Our goal is that you don’t simply have an experience here as if on a vacation or some exotic program, but you incorporate this experience and practices into how you live your daily life.


We believe in the power of collaboration, so we invite partnerships and collaborations to join the many we already work with together.  We also like to maintain flexibility, and invite any individuals who see an opportunity to come learn with us, whether we offer the program now or not, to write us with an idea for one.  Together we can develop the experience that you specifically are seeking, either as an individual or an organization, and help work with your budget to make it happen.  We look to see how your learning needs can fit with the community needs here in the Huaraz region.

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